1 ‘The seventh anniversary of the East Japan Earthquake’

Japan Matters in 2017/18

This was held on Sunday 11 March 2018 at Wellington Church, Glasgow, Scotland.

It was organised by Japan Desk Scotland, Japanese Matsuri for Glasgow, and Wellington Church.

It included a screening of JDS’s sixth documentary on environmental radiation in Fukushima, ‘Evacuation Order in Fukushima – July 2017‘, and a singing of a hymn, ‘Tsunami Memorial’ written by Rev Dr David Sinclair, the former Minister of Wellington Church, which was accompanied by Gavin Blackhurst, Wellington Church, with piano. Finally, David Blackhurst, an Elder of Wellington Church, offered a prayer. Donations to the amount of £303.63 were raised, which will be sent to Noda and Fudai Village Offices along the Pacific Coast, Iwate Prefecture, via Kunohe Village Office with which JMG has developed exchanges over the years.

It is part of JDS’s activities on Fukushima.