‘Evacuation Order in Fukushima – July 2017′

This is Japan Desk Scotland’s sixth documentary on environmental radiation in Fukushima.

The film is baed on interviews carried out in July 2017, three months after evacuation order was lifted in many municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture except the ‘Difficult-to-Return’ zones. Professor Kencho Kawatsu, Fukushima University, took us to one of such municipalities, Tomioka Town, to see what was happening there.

July 2017 was also three months after a five-year Fukushima-Chernobyl research collaboration was officially initiated. What can we expect from this collaboration? Interviews were carried out with those associated with Fukushima University Institute of Environmental Radioactivity, the main player of the collaboration.

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Camera: Fumi Nakabachi
Music: ‘Mark Twain in Japan’ by Invacuo
Directed and edited by: Yushin Toda
Produced by Fumi Nakabachi and Yushin Toda, Japan Desk Scotland
65 minutes
mostly in Japanese with English subtitles, and partly in English
© Japan Desk Scotland 2018


This is part of our documentary films production.

It has been shown:

(1) on Sunday 11 March 2018 at Wellington Church, Glasgow, Scotland, as part of the 7th anniversary event for the East Japan Earthquake.