Japan@Strathclyde 2015/16

As part of its Japan-themed workshops, Japan Desk Scotland delivered seven workshops on Japan as Japan@Strathclyde, in cooperation with University of Strathclyde’s Equality and Diversity Office and Chaplaincy Centre, in 2015/16 academic year, with financial support from the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.  The workshops were free and open to all.

Venue:  University of Strathclyde Chaplaincy Centre, Level 2, Graham Hills Building, 50 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1QE.

(1) Wednesday 21 October 2015: ‘Teaching English in Japan’

The topic was discussed after watching Japan Desk Scotland’s documentary ‘Teaching English in Japan – Carolyn Biggs‘, in which she shared her experiences of working as Assistant Language Teacher of English in Japan. She was also attending the workshop.

(2) Wednesday 21 November 2015: ‘Glasgow Chai Party’

Chai (tea) from Japan, Romania and China was shared together, with the screening of ‘Multicultural cakes – Mayuko’s Kitchen‘ and tasting of the multicultural cakes provided by Mayuko’s Kitchen.

This particular event was supported by BEMIS Scotland, via the ‘Year of Food and Drink 2015/Winter Festival‘s small grants programme, a partnership between BEMIS Scotland and the Scottish Government to facilitate multicultural celebration.

(3) Wednesday 27 January 2016: ‘Origami workshop’

This workshop was for beginners to enjoy folding papers in origami style.

(4) Wednesday 3 February 2016: ‘Hiroshima’

Japan Desk Scotland’s ‘Hiroshima in 2o13‘ (2013), ‘Action for Peace – Sally Beaumont‘ (2105), and ‘Christianity is about relationship, hope … Rev Bruce Keeble‘ (2015)  were shown to see the atomic bombing in historical and contemporary contexts.

(5) Wednesday 10 February 2016: ‘Diversity in Japan’

Various issues relating to diversity in Japan, such as gender diversity in the workplace, sexual diversity, and ethnic diversity, were discussed.

(6) Wednesday 17 February 2016: ‘Fukushima’

Japan Desk Scotland’s ‘Our friends in Fukushima’ (2013) and ‘Here and there in Fukushima‘ (2105) were screened, which was followed by discussion.

(7) Tuesday 15 March 2016: ‘Glasgow Chai Party & Origami’

This was held as a part of ‘Diversity Week 2016‘ of University of Strathclyde.