Kimono in Romania


In September 2014, as part of Japan workshops, Japan Desk Scotland invited Mr Koji Yoshie and Mrs Junko Yoshie, Yoshie Senkojyo, Kyoto, Japan, to Bucharest, Romania. On 3 and 4 September they ran the two-day intensive kimono workshop for the students at Department of Japanese Language and Literature, University of Bucharest, and some high school students studying Japanese. On 5 September, they were guest speakers at public lecture on kimono held at the University Hall, University of Bucharest. All these activities were jointly organised with the Department of Japanese Language and Literature.

JDS has visited the Department several times since April 2013, and every time we spoke to its students we were impressed by their Japanese language skills and their interests in Japanese cultures. We thought they would appreciate kimono as a garment, and we were grateful to Mr and Mrs Yoshie for accepting our invitation, in their busy schedule, to talk them about kimono’s history and types, with some katazome dying practice, while showing high-quality kimono. Some students put on kimono.  In addition, they talked to the general public about kimono.