‘Borders in Fukushima – July 2016’

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This is Japan Desk Scotland’s fifth documentary on environmental radiation in Fukushima, based on interviews carried out in July 2016.

Fukushima University’s Institute of Environmental Radioactivity was on the process to initiate a five-year Fukushima-Chernobyl project with Ukraine research institutes. What do scientists from these two countries expect to learn from each other?

The evacuation order was about to be lifted with the decline of air dose rates as a result of decontamination efforts. Is is safe to lift the evacuation order? Will evacuees return home once the evacuation order is lifted? Where will removed contaminated materials be stored?

The decommissioning of the troubled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant was facing challenges. Why is decommissioning needed?

Interviewed guests in order of appearance: Kenji Nanba, Mark Zheleznyak, Kimiaki Saito, Hirofumi Tsukada, Kencho Kawatsu, Seiji Ozawa, Azusa Goto, Aya Yokoyama, Masakazu Eshiro, Teruyo Kishinami, Izumi Mizushima, Fumiko Goto, Hiroki Saito, Miyuki Sasaki, Misaki Ueda, Ryutaro Kaneko, Natsuki Takeda, Tomomi Yanagita, Mayuko Noda, Misaki Ageishi, Alexei Kinoplev, Ian Byrness, Mathew Camadine, and Yoshitaka Takagai 


Camera: Fumi Nakabachi
Music: Marius Pirhonen; and Ashenspire
Directed and edited by: Yushin Toda
Produced by Fumi Nakabachi and Yushin Toda, Japan Desk Scotland
65 minutes
mostly in Japanese with English subtitles, and partly in English
© Japan Desk Scotland 2017


This is part of our documentary films production.

It has been shown:

(1) on Saturday 11 March 2017 at Wellington Church, Glasgow, Scotland, as part of Japan Matters event to mark the sixth anniversary of the East Japan (Tohoku) Earthquake;

(2) on Tuesday 4 July 2017 at the Institute of Environmental Radioactivity, Fukushima University, Fukushima, Japan;

(3) on Thursday 13 July 2017 at Oshima National College of Maritime Technology, Yamaguchi, Japan;

(4) on Tuesday 18 July 2017 at the Tuesday Seminar held at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan;

(5) on Sunday 11 August 2019 at the Institute of Environmental Radioactivity, Fukushima University, Fukushima, Japan, at the institute’s Open Day; and

(6) on Tuesday 17 December 2019 at the International Study Group held in the Interfaith Room, University of Glasgow Chaplaincy, Glasgow, Scotland.