‘Borders in Fukushima – July 2016′

As part of our activity on Fukushima.


This is our fifth documentary on Fukushima. Following on our previous documentaries, interviews were carried out in July 2016 with some Fukushima University scientists, including radiation specialists from Ukraine and Russia. In addition, a civil servant at Ministry of the Environment working on decontamination in Fukushima Prefecture was interviewed.

It includes the ideas behind a new collaborative project between Fukushima University’s Institute of Radioactivity and Ukraine research institutes to conduct a comparative study of Fukushima and Chernobyl. It also covers the role of certain air dose rates, such as 20 mSv/y, which


Camera: Fumi Nakabachi
Music: Marius Pirhonen; and Ashenspire
Directed and edited by: Yushin Toda
Produced by Fumi Nakabachi and Yushin Toda, Japan Desk Scotland
65 minutes
mostly in Japanese with English subtitles, and partly in English
© Japan Desk Scotland 2017


This is part of our documentary films production.

It has been shown on:

(1) Saturday 11 March 2017 at Wellington Church, Glasgow, Scotland, as part of Japan Matters event to mark the sixth anniversary of the East Japan (Tohoku) Earthquake.